ColorWorks is committed to Environmental Conservation

The people at ColorWorks realize that the growing environmental concerns that we are faced with today are a big issue. One that our children will face if we do not stand strong and support change today. ColorWorks is committed and driven to follow the recommendation and to be in full compliance with the Goleta WaterBoard with proper discharge of our waste water, we strive to find the greener of products that contain safer and more sustainable ingredients and fewer VOC's (volatile organic compounds) in addition we use treated soft water as this will help minimize product use.

So join us in being a piece of the Global Puzzle and have peace of mind knowing ColorWorks will go the extra mile to protect the environment One Carpet at a Time!

When you use ColorWorks we provide these Direct Benefits:

  • Full Compliance with Waste Water Discharge
  • Committed to use Greener Products
  • Use Soft Water to Minimize Product Use

We are certified and belong to the Institue of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration.



PMB 372, 133 E. De La Guerra Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101-2247