At ColorWorks
We are pet friendly, we provide real solutions to Pet Urine Issues.

From occasional pet accidents to multiple deposits on top of deposits.

A pre-inspection is performed using State of the Art Equipment, by using High intensity Ultra Violet light beam and a Hydro Sensor, this will enable us to locate old and new deposits as this inspection goes well beyond a standard visual. The results can even identify weather we are dealing with a male, female, small or large or spray/marking areas.

Pet Urine is a very complex matter and should not be taken lightly, we do not only have the urine stain, we have to also deal with the Bacteria. The problem is sandwiched in (4) layers of Carpet material, the surface fibers, (2) backings and the layer of glue that bonds the carpet together. The latex glue layer usually traps the urine as the area dries, but urine does not fully dry and turns into alkaline salts, if unattended, the urine goes through stages and gives off a foul odor, the foul odor is Bacteria, a living Micro Organism that is giving off a gas.


The location of the Bacteria is in a perfect setting for Bacteria to grow; dark, cool, moist and no air movement. The concrete sub floor is cold and sweats, and eventually if not addressed properly there will be actual rock salt formation collecting on the carpet padding.

ColorWorks procedure involves pre-treatment of the urine areas to the padding with Enzyme Digesters, Live Bacterial Cultures, Rinsing and Extractions and when the Odor/Bacteria have been consumed, then we work on the Stain.

"We don't just spay a sweet smelling deodorizer (which last for only a couple days) and call that taking care of your urine problem"

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