ColorWorks provides a wide range of services from deep cleaning your carpets and furniture to color restoration and stain removal. See our main services below.

Restorative Carpet Cleaning

    This is a four (4) part process to restore your carpet. We Vacuum, shampoo Scrub, rinse and extract, and Bonnet Clean.

    A very involved process, but we have been known to perform miracles at ColorWorks.

Color Restoration

Discolored areas are usually caused by Bleaching Products, and YES they can be Color Restored by adding the primary colors that are missing. You WON'T have to perform an insertion again.

Specialty Stain Work

Spots rinse out, stains do not.

We have the knowledge and expertise to unlock the "Bond" of those difficult stains.

In this picture on the right we have a large red beverage stain, a heat transfer removal method is performed using a hot iron and specialty products.

Patience and knowledge is the key. We can fix those trouble stains so they will not show their colors again.

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